Convergence for Innovative Energy Solutions

Meet Our Team

Emilio Moran, Ph.D., PI

is a John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor associated with the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, and
Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University. Among his many achievements, Moran was appointed to a six-yearterm to the National Science Board in 2016 where he provides advice tothe National Science Foundation, and the nation, on major decisions in scienceand technology.

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Maria Claudia Lopez, Ph.D., Co-PI

is an associate professor in the Department of Community Sustainability. Her research uses multiple methods, including field experiments from behavioral economics, institutional analysis, econometrics, ethnography, and participatory research, to understand how rural communities can collaborate successfully in the management of commonly held natural resources.

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 Rachel Mourão, Ph.D., Co-PI

is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism at MSU. Her research focuses on the relationship between journalism, technology, and politics in the United States and Brazil.   

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Aaron McCright, Ph.D., Co-PI

is Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Sociology at Michigan State University. His research aims to enhance sociological understanding of how scientific and technological developments, top-down and bottom-up political processes, and enduring social structures influence societal capacity for recognizing and dealing with environmental impacts and technological risks. 

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Norbert Mueller, Ph.D., Co-PI

is a Professor in the College of Engineering at MichiganState University with 30+ years’ experience in energy technologies.

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Judy Walgren

is the Associate Director for the Michigan State University School of Journalism and a professor of practice for photojournalism and new media. 

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Adam Mayer, Ph.D.

is an interdisciplinary social scientist who studies energy transitions with a particular interest in questions of justice and policy.  

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Ana Paula Bortoleto, Ph.D.

Ana Paula Bortoleto holds a Ph.D. in Urban Environmental Engineering by the University of Tokyo. She was awarded a Green Talent in 2011. A former Marie Curie Fellow and Humboldt Fellow, she is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Infrastructure and Environment of the University Campinas, Brazil.

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Annick Anctil, Ph.D. 

is Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Assistant Director of the Industrial Assessment Center at MSU and leads the research group on Sustainable Energy Systems. She has been the recipient of NSF's 5-yr CAREER award that recognizes outstanding young researchers. Evaluating the environmental impact of photovoltaic technologies constitutes the core of her research. 

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Erik Brown, Ph.D.

is an engineer focused on energetic design of hybrid systems, with a focus on microgrid implementation and analysis.

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Igor Cavallini Johansen, Ph.D.

is a sociologist and demographer. He is currently conducting his postdoctoral studies at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in Brazil, investigating  population and environment interactions and the impacts on health.

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Karina Ninni Ramos, Ph.D.

is a journalist who has focused on the environment and energy production in Brazil for the past two decades. She has a Master's Degree on Planning for the Development of the Humid Tropics at the Federal University of Pará and recently received a Ph.D. in Science from the University of São Paulo.

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Gisele Souza Neuls

is a journalist whose work examines climate change, environmental issues, deforestation and agribusiness. She has a Master's degree in Communications and is a PhD student and research assistant in the MSU School of Journalism.

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Maria Garcia, Ph.D.

is conducting her postdoctoral students in the MSU Department of Community Sustainability with Dr. Maria Claudia Lopez, a co-PI on this project. 

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Laura Castro-Diaz

is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Community Sustainability and Environmental Science and Policy at Michigan State University. She holds an MSc in Community Sustainability from MSU and a BSc in Ecology from the School of Environmental and Rural Studies at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. 

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Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi

is trained as a biologist and ecologist and is currently a doctoral student in Community Sustainability at Michigan State University. He is an interdisciplinary sustainability scholar interested in the theory and practice of how to foster change towards sustainability.

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Maira Brondizio

is a graduate student pursuing her masters in community sustainability at Michigan State University. She has an undergraduate degree in cognitive systems with a focus on linguistics from the University of British Columbia, and a background in non-profit management, social media marketing, and video production.   

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Carrie Nielson

is an undergraduate student in the Michigan State University Department of Sociology and a member of MSU’s Honors College. She is earning a BS in Sociology and a second BA in Economics with a minor in Quantitative Data Analytics. 

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Michaela Shope

is a graduate student in the Geography program at Michigan State University. She received her undergraduate degrees in Biology (Conservation Biology and Ecology) and Interdisciplinary Studies (Homeland Security and Philosophy) from Arizona State University.

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Mallika Kothari 

is a BS/MS student in engineering, who has been modeling performance of PV systems for over a year and studies the impact of module choice and performance.

Jackson Schooley

recently graduated from MSU (with honors) with degrees in Anthropology and Spanish and minors in International Development and Peace & Justice Studies. While at MSU, Schooley was an undergraduate research assistant for the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations. He will continue as a research assistant for this NSF GCR project to work with community partners in River Rouge and Ecorse and to continue his research around energy justice and marginalized communities.  

Dave Wasinger

is a multimedia journalist and visual storyteller based in Lansing, MI, specializing in documentary video and immersive media.


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