Convergence for Innovative Energy Solutions


Writing productivity during Phase 1

Our research is comprised of four components:  

  • Mapping the informational ecosystem and analyzing media messages regarding energy solutions.
  • Measuring people’s attitudes and preferences about energy solutions.  
  • Co-creating energy technologies that fit community needs.
  • Developing a Convergence Framework for research and community engagement.  

Our Convergence Framework

Moran et al under review with PNAS

Our present and future research outputs include: 

  • A Convergence Framework that can be used for not only global challenges around energy justice, but also sanitation, water, and others vexing global issues.
  • The adoption of a co-created, sustainable energy solution for an off-the-grid community/communities in the Brazilian Amazon. 
  • Guidelines, including best practices, that can be used by other multi-disciplinary teams to aid in the convergence process. 
  • A documentary film and additional short videos that capture our team's journey together and with the communities we partner with along the convergence process.

This is a poster created by Co-PI Dr. Rachel R. Mourão describing the process used by the grant's content analysis team for their presentation,  "Hydropower in the news," during the 2021 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference.

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