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Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi worked as an environmental educator at Jalapão State Park in Brazil. Photo courtesy of Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi

Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi

Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi is a biologist (BSc and teaching degree) and ecologist (MSc) graduated by the University of Campinas, Brazil. In 2021, he joined the PhD program in Community Sustainability at MSU as a Fulbright fellow. Broadly, he is interested in how to effect positive change towards sustainability, and specific concepts that ground his work include social-ecological systems, resilience, and participatory scenario planning. Community engagement and participatory research methods are at the basis of his work, and he seeks to develop knowledge that can be useful for the local communities and decision-makers that are his partners in research development. He is passionate about education and has teaching experiences in different settings.

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